Thursday, July 28, 2005
coz who doesn't love pudding!?!?
Not much to embellish on with this one but....

I had a dream that I had come up with this *brilliant* marketing plan for pudding. Yes, PUDDING. The idea was this: you can buy a box of "base" pudding, which would basically be flavourless, and then you could buy colour/flavour enhancers... liquids in little bottles, much like how you find food colouring in the grocery store. These liquids would add the appropriate flavour AND colour to the pudding to make it whatever flavour you like... banana, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, etc. Also, if you were feeling daring and creative, you could mix up flavours for a crazy new type of pudding.

For some reason I felt that part of the brilliance of this marketing was that it would take up less space on the grocery shelf... just one type of box and a whole set of tiny little bottles (versus having 10 - 20 boxes taking up two shelves).

When I woke up this morning I thought.... that was the dumbest idea EVER. Why was I so sure in my dream that it would work? Coz a box of pudding costs...what?.... 69 cents maybe? Why would a customer want to go to all that mess and fuss to save a few pennies? :-/ These things always seem so much more brilliant in our dreams...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
In this dream I was Diane Chambers from the tv show Cheers. In fact, the whole dream was an episode of Cheers.

In this episode I, Diane, had decided that I was a forward-thinking and liberal single woman that did not need a man in order to raise a child. I had decided to raise a child alone and I had asked Norm to be the father of my child, no strings attached. He had kindly agreed.

As I walked into the bar Sam told me that we could "use the back" (read: make a baby) now, as the coast was clear and Norm was waiting. I thanked him very much and headed to the back of the bar. In the tv show there was a room with a pool table back there but in my dream it was just some dingy backroom. When I entered I thought... "ick... where are we going to do this, anyway? The bathroom?? How classy!". Just as I was looking for the bathroom (and indeed, Norm) I found another little room that had a hot tub in it. I had also found Norm there and we decided that this would be the perfect little spot to do the deed, and proceeded to strip down and hop in the tub. As we were trying to negotiate the awkwardness of being friends who are now naked together for the first time a few people came into the room laughing and having a good time, all in their bathing suits and ready to hop in. They stopped laughing and talking, and in fact stopped dead in their tracks, when they walked in and found two nekkid people in the hot tub. They seemed a bit repulsed by what they had come across as we scrambled to make it seem like this was perfectly normal and said that they should do the same. Nice cover up. *groan*

Anyway, in my embarrassment I woke up.