Sunday, November 08, 2009

I had a crazy dream in which I went to show someone the tattoo on my ankle (see pic) that I got because I love my cat Isaac.... only to find that the tattoo had all but disappeared! It was almost completely faded away.. no colour at all.. just hints of a black outline in some areas. I hope this means my ole boy Isaac isn't leaving me soon! :-(

Saturday, November 01, 2008
slim pickins...
not much to report....

had a dream in which I was driving along a narrow winding road, with a mountain to my left and a steep cliff/drop off to my right. Very movie-like, no?

As I drove along I saw a pile of cars at the bottom of the cliff, that had skidded off the road. Noting the danger and seeing that the edge of the road was crumbling I began to drive with extra care. Eventually I too succumbed to the crumbling edge of the road as well, but since I had made it farther along the road (and I guess, down the mountain) the drop wasn't so steep. I found myself at the bottom amongst all the other crumpled up cars, otherwise unscathed and feeling grateful for not having as far to drop.


I also had a dream in which I was obsessed with finding towels in *just* the right shade of purple. This isn't a big mystery, I'm in the process of buying a house and I am already planning how I want to decorate (purple in the bathroom ;-).

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Monday, October 27, 2008
dusting off old habits
Alright, well, it's hard to blog about dreams on command (coz either you remember them or you don't) but I am trying to get back into the swing of writing about them so I'm going to see what I can muster....

Recently it's mostly been about the US elections. So annoying for me as a Canadian. LOL! This is what I get for being interested in world politics, and let's face it, the whole world is watching this election with baited breath. Last night's dream was all about Obama and a big wig in the company I work for who is voting for Obama. I had sent this boss-guy in my company a link to all kinds of interesting posters and he wrote me back saying he really liked the blue "thinker" one. I guess that's what stuck in my head and caused my dream, coz it was the last email I read before I went to bed. No real mystery there.

I have had another recurring dream for over a month now.... stirs up some ghosts from my past and makes me miss those long gone.... perhaps I will share it in my next post.


Friday, August 18, 2006
been so long I'll give ya two for the price of one
No good reason for not posting in a long while other than a lack of anything decent to post (and the fact that I'm quite sure no one reads this but me). That and what dreams I HAVE had I haven't wanted to relive by posting them. The conflict between Hizbollah and Israel has made for some horrible nightmares as I have a strong attachment to the land that Hizbollah has been targeting in their attacks. Here is one such dream.....

When I stayed in Israel last year I lived in a town in the north called Tzfat (or Safed, depending on the spelling). It has been one of the towns that has been hit by Hizbollah rockets. The town is in the north of Israel, up in the mountains and is "the home of Kaballah". It is a quiet and small town and is known for it's artist alley and long staircase that cuts up the centre of town. I spent many a sweaty afternoon climbing this huge staircase to get to the main street in town.

Anyway, in my dream I am standing at the bottom of the staircase readying myself for the long climb. I glance up, take a deep breath, and begin my ascension. As I make my way up I notice something odd..... a trickling down the sides of the staircase. Soon it starts to pour... more and more... until it is a river flowing down the stairs. More alarmingly, it is blood that is rushing down the stairs, not water. With each step I hear the stomach turning sound of sloshing as my foot hits the blood soaked stone stair. The blood rushes around and under me and I begin to panic as I climb up as fast as I can to the top into town.

When I get to the top I see blood running through the streets, coming from every side street and alley into the main street and continuing on down the staircase and eventually down the mountain. I see no other people, it seems to be a ghost town.... all shops and stores are empty.

At this point panic usually wakes me up in a pool of sweat.

I haven't had that dream in a while, thank god. It wasn't one of my favourites, that's for sure. Eventually it would evolve each time I had it, sometimes ending with me finding all kinds of people dead in the shops and homes in town. Nasty stuff, glad that dream has stopped.

In a lighter dream....
I dreamt I was in some kind of "team building" workshop for my job. In between sessions (in which we were split up into groups to do certain activities and projects) I was talking to a co-worker of mine about the logo her team was creating. She made some reference at that point to "my stupid tattoo" that she said she didn't like. I acted very hurt and indignant that she could be so rude about my tattoo to which she said "What? It's not like it's a big secret that I don't like that tattoo. I've told you before!". Bristling with annoyance I replied "No you haven't! At least, not to my face!"

The tattoo she was referring to was the giant "X-Files" X I had on my thigh.... and I mean the inner meaty part of my thigh. A truly ridiculous place to put a tattoo, but this IS a dream afterall. In the dream I went back home and in the privacy of my room I dropped my pants to inspect the aforementioned tattoo and found that indeed I did feel a twinge of regret for such a silly tattoo. It was a bit on the large side, dark (it was black), placed in a foolish spot on my body, and did I really love the X-Files that much 10 years later??

Ok, so I have 3 tattoos in real life.... but most assuredly, none involve the X-Files in any way shape or form. And thank God for that.

Sunday, April 02, 2006
Hey Baby!
Know what I wish? I wish I'd stop dreaming about babies. I don't want a baby and don't even get me started on how annoying it is to have people tell me I simply MUST have a child to be complete as a woman.

But I digress. I blame the recent baby dreams on the fact that one of my best friends has recently had a baby and I have been spending a lot of time with him as I do, in fact, enjoy babies. All this baby time has obviously been seeping into my subconscious mind...

As I mentioned, I am not interested in bearing or raising children, so when I have baby dreams I get a little freaked out. The first dream involved me finding out that I was pregnant by a friend of mine that I've known since highschool. I spent the whole dream trying to fogure out just how this had happened and what my mother would say when she found out the father was black. hahaha.... I wrote my friend the next morning and we were both rather amused.

In a far more bizarre dream I was was walking around with a baby, probably about 6 months old judging from it's rather large roly-poly size, as it nursed away at my left breast, under my shirt. I walking around feeding this baby as if this was perfectly normal and nobody seemed to wonder what was going on under my shirt.

As I walked around I wondered what I was going to do about this baby since I never really wanted a child (seems it would be a little too late for this kind of questioning, but this IS a dream afterall). Finally I decided I had better at least tell my mom because I couldn't hide this forever. I met my mother at some outdoor cafe and pulled the fat pudgy little baby out from under my shirt and handed him to my mother. I said "Mom, I'd like you to meet.... your grandson". She actually didn't seem at all shocked, just pleasant as if introducing her to a boyfriend of mine for the first time. No questions as to how long or why I had been hiding him. He was beautiful and happy, and what hair he had was blonde.... and he was blue eyed. (Hm. Sounds exactly like me as a baby, actually...)

As I handed him over to my mom I panicked as I realized that I hadn't named him yet. I guess denial had me putting off this all important detail. Then his name suddenly came to me.... Benjamin William (after my mom's grandfather and father, respectively). She smiled and commented on what wonderful names they were.

I woke up.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hey, be sure to check out this great new site: sawlogs. You can keep a log of your own dreams, read the dreams of others and share experiences with fellow dreamers. Very nice site!

pull up! PULL UP!!!
Over the years I have had quite a number of dreams about being in a plane crash. This dream is another take on it but....

In this dream my father was piloting. It was a very small plane, I guess a Cessna of some sort, and my mother and I were passengers. My father was flying it quite low along a river, following it as it curved its way through a swampy marsh area. My mother sounded quite hysterical and kept telling him he was flying too low; I was too scared to utter a word and just kept clinging to whatever I could hold on to.

Suddenly he came upong a part of the river that seemed to have some bizarre fence encircling part of it. At this point my mother's screaming piqued and my father began to lose control of the plane, panicking as he saw the fence coming up hard and fast. He pulled up to get over the chain link fence but barely cleared it, and crashed within the circle compound.

As we smashed into the marshy ground and water I was thrown clear of the plane and landed like a pancake against the chainlink fence. I sort of stuck there much like a cartoon character who hit a wall, and while hanging there I noticed a bird on the top of the fence above me. It was a yellow and black bird... a warbler? a lark maybe? It just sat there and I wondered why it didn't fly away when we had caused such a disaster. I began to talk to the bird, cooing and asking it what was wrong. It began to panic and tried to fly away but seemed to be caught. I noticed the toes of one of its feet seemed to be broken and/or entangled in the fence somehow. Several times it tried to leap off the fence and then had to struggle to regain it's balance after being sucked back to the fence every time. I felt horrible so I reached up to let it go....

And then I woke up.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
no, I haven't forgotten this blog
I can't explain it... I just haven't had a really good dream to share for *months* now. The closest thing I have had was an amusing dream in which I saw political stickers all over packages of hamburger meat in the grocery stores (we were having our elections here in Canada and I guess there was so much political talk and tv ads going on that it had seeped into my subconscious). Anyway, in the dream I thought to myself... well that's a weird place to put a campaign slogan.


Sorry, when something better comes up I'll post, I promise!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Barely worth mentioning, but this fraction of a dream that I recall is so bizarre I had to share...

I had a dream that my kneecaps, both of them, were covered in black fur. Just the kneecaps, in a perfect oval, all black and thick with fur. I looked at them and said outloud: "Whoa! I think I missed a spot when I was shaving!"

Holy shit, how hairy were my legs BEFORE I shaved them if the missed spots look like that!!! hahahahahaha..

Thursday, October 13, 2005
the devil made me do it
Ok, I know it seems like I have abandoned this blog but nothing could be further from the truth. It's just that I have moved to Israel for 5 months and getting to the internet is not as easy as it once was. I will share with you a dream that has been clearly influenced by my activities here in Israel..

The dream was about people that I am in a program with right now in Israel. In this dream the main group leader of this program appeared as a somewhat shady character, evil even. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew something was odd about him.

He was trying to convince me that he could take me to a "new level" of life, that he knew a new way to live and that this way of life was amazing beyond anything I could ever imagine. He told me that people who have chosen this path have known new happiness, wealth and freedom. The catch? I would have to commit suicide in order to "cross over".

He assured me that I wasn't really dying, but that I would immediately be reborn into this life he spoke of. He showed me clips (using a tv or did it just flash in my mind??) of others who had gone through this process. In the clip he showed me a man in a business suit entered a bank and walked up to an automated bank machine to take money out. Somehow he was able to swipe this "magic" bankcard and was able to take out as much money as he wanted. This leader (or is he the devil?) told me that the man had chosen to pretend that he was still going to work everyday so his wife wouldn't know, all the while he would go about doing whatever he wanted to during the day, happy as a clam, and still bring home plenty of money to support the wife and family. In fact his life was improved because he had the freedom of doing what he wanted during the day without having to answer to anyone and then he could go home feeling happy and content and be wholly present with his family because he wasn't exhausted from a hard day's work. This devil-man assured me this had drastically improved the life of this man as well as the lives of his family members.

Things got sketchy in the dream after this.. there were parts in which I was standing on the edge of a cliff trying to coax myself to jump so I could begin my new life, but was unable. At one point a classmate of mine in the program walked by and began talking to me. He seemed strangely happy, almost as if he was on a drug of some sort. It seemed fake and unnatural, like he had been brainwashed. I asked him if he had taken the leap (so to speak!) and gone through the process with this program leader of ours and he said that he had. I asked him to tell me what really happens when you get to the other side, do you die and what it's really all about. He just gave me a sly smile and said that he couldn't tell me. I asked again, pleading for him to just tell me already... we were friends and program peers, couldn't he just tell me?? Still he said that he could not tell me and that I would just have to find out for myself. He then walked away, leaving me standing on the edge of the cliff, wind blowing in my face and clothes rippling and flapping in the breeze...

In the next flash I was standing at a bank machine with a special bankcard in my hand. I glanced nervously around me as I readied myself to try it for the first time. Would I be caught taking out all this money that's not mine? I was scared. I waved the card over the screen (?? Fancy!) and a welcome message appeared on the screen. When I attempted to enter in a PIN however, an error message came up and said I could not take any money out at this time. What the hell??, I thought and tried again. Time after time I was declined and I began to get angry. Had I just been suckered? Then, on a screen below the bank machine screen, I saw a news report (there's a tv screen under the ATM screen?? What kind of bank is this?? Hahaha... gotta love dreams!) and in the news report I saw footage of yet another classmate of mine from the program. The footage seemed to be taken by a security camera that was over a walkway/path in a park somewhere, at night. My classmate was whooping, hollering, dancing and skipping along in this security footage. Had he gone mad?? The report went on to suggest that this man in the footage had been taking money illegally from all kinds of bank machines across the city and that in fact, reports were coming in from all over that similar such incidents were taking place.

Suddenly I was scared. The jig was up and I had better get out of the bank before I got caught! But then a much more frightening realization came to me... Had I just traded my soul to the devil and got nothing in return?

Only bits and pieces of other dreams...

In this dream I was part of the crew of the starship Enterprise, with Captain Jean-Luc Picard leading us. We had been boarded by the Borg and they were taking over the ship at a rapid rate. I was part of a small group (including the captain) that had escaped the initial onslaught and was hiding in a cargo hold in some out of the way place on the ship. Picard was working feverishly on a way to keep the Borg at bay when he and another crewman finally came up with a way of putting up a force field over the doorway to the area we were in. Feeling really quite pleased with himself Picard stepped back, smiling and looking at his force field, and said "There! That should hold them off for a while!" Just then someone came right through the force field, no CARTWHEELED through the force field, and stopped in front of us. The group was stunned as it stared at the figure standing before them, when the captain exclaimed "My god, it's Mystique!".

For those who don't know who that is, Mystique is a villainess from the X-Men comics, and more specifically, the Mystique in my dream was the one from the X-Men movie. I can't explain how the two worlds collided like that, but there ya have it. I woke up from the sheer fright of our impending doom.

In another dream I had run into and met Gwen Stefani. I was just a bumbling fan saying stupid stuff like "I really like that Bananas song!" or "I really think you're cool an' stuff!". She just politely smiled at me and said nothing and eventually the sting of embarrassment actually woke me up. I completely attribute the dream to the fact that the night before a couple of friends and mine heard "that Bananas song" come on the radio and we totally cranked it up and sang and danced along.

I also had my first dream about my beloved cat Abby since she died a month ago. In the dream I thought I saw her sitting under a table somewhere. I rubbed my eyes and thought... that can't be her, she's dead! Or is she? Could it be possible that maybe she's alive? I recalled in my dream that my mother told me my brother was having problems dealing with our cats' death and that he had imagined seeing her when she wasn't really there... could that be happening to me, I wondered? I rushed to go around the table to see her on the other side, but when I got there it was some other cat I wasn't familiar with. Heartbroken I realized I too had imagined seeing her.

Rest in peace my dear sweet Abby, you are loved and missed. It was an honour to share my life with you for 17 years.

Thursday, July 28, 2005
coz who doesn't love pudding!?!?
Not much to embellish on with this one but....

I had a dream that I had come up with this *brilliant* marketing plan for pudding. Yes, PUDDING. The idea was this: you can buy a box of "base" pudding, which would basically be flavourless, and then you could buy colour/flavour enhancers... liquids in little bottles, much like how you find food colouring in the grocery store. These liquids would add the appropriate flavour AND colour to the pudding to make it whatever flavour you like... banana, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, etc. Also, if you were feeling daring and creative, you could mix up flavours for a crazy new type of pudding.

For some reason I felt that part of the brilliance of this marketing was that it would take up less space on the grocery shelf... just one type of box and a whole set of tiny little bottles (versus having 10 - 20 boxes taking up two shelves).

When I woke up this morning I thought.... that was the dumbest idea EVER. Why was I so sure in my dream that it would work? Coz a box of pudding costs...what?.... 69 cents maybe? Why would a customer want to go to all that mess and fuss to save a few pennies? :-/ These things always seem so much more brilliant in our dreams...