Saturday, November 01, 2008
slim pickins...
not much to report....

had a dream in which I was driving along a narrow winding road, with a mountain to my left and a steep cliff/drop off to my right. Very movie-like, no?

As I drove along I saw a pile of cars at the bottom of the cliff, that had skidded off the road. Noting the danger and seeing that the edge of the road was crumbling I began to drive with extra care. Eventually I too succumbed to the crumbling edge of the road as well, but since I had made it farther along the road (and I guess, down the mountain) the drop wasn't so steep. I found myself at the bottom amongst all the other crumpled up cars, otherwise unscathed and feeling grateful for not having as far to drop.


I also had a dream in which I was obsessed with finding towels in *just* the right shade of purple. This isn't a big mystery, I'm in the process of buying a house and I am already planning how I want to decorate (purple in the bathroom ;-).

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Monday, October 27, 2008
dusting off old habits
Alright, well, it's hard to blog about dreams on command (coz either you remember them or you don't) but I am trying to get back into the swing of writing about them so I'm going to see what I can muster....

Recently it's mostly been about the US elections. So annoying for me as a Canadian. LOL! This is what I get for being interested in world politics, and let's face it, the whole world is watching this election with baited breath. Last night's dream was all about Obama and a big wig in the company I work for who is voting for Obama. I had sent this boss-guy in my company a link to all kinds of interesting posters and he wrote me back saying he really liked the blue "thinker" one. I guess that's what stuck in my head and caused my dream, coz it was the last email I read before I went to bed. No real mystery there.

I have had another recurring dream for over a month now.... stirs up some ghosts from my past and makes me miss those long gone.... perhaps I will share it in my next post.