Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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pull up! PULL UP!!!
Over the years I have had quite a number of dreams about being in a plane crash. This dream is another take on it but....

In this dream my father was piloting. It was a very small plane, I guess a Cessna of some sort, and my mother and I were passengers. My father was flying it quite low along a river, following it as it curved its way through a swampy marsh area. My mother sounded quite hysterical and kept telling him he was flying too low; I was too scared to utter a word and just kept clinging to whatever I could hold on to.

Suddenly he came upong a part of the river that seemed to have some bizarre fence encircling part of it. At this point my mother's screaming piqued and my father began to lose control of the plane, panicking as he saw the fence coming up hard and fast. He pulled up to get over the chain link fence but barely cleared it, and crashed within the circle compound.

As we smashed into the marshy ground and water I was thrown clear of the plane and landed like a pancake against the chainlink fence. I sort of stuck there much like a cartoon character who hit a wall, and while hanging there I noticed a bird on the top of the fence above me. It was a yellow and black bird... a warbler? a lark maybe? It just sat there and I wondered why it didn't fly away when we had caused such a disaster. I began to talk to the bird, cooing and asking it what was wrong. It began to panic and tried to fly away but seemed to be caught. I noticed the toes of one of its feet seemed to be broken and/or entangled in the fence somehow. Several times it tried to leap off the fence and then had to struggle to regain it's balance after being sucked back to the fence every time. I felt horrible so I reached up to let it go....

And then I woke up.